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[Announcement of Winners] Open Celebration SNS Share Event 2020-12-10

[Announcement of Winners]
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Open Celebration SNS Share Event

Thank you for participating in the events, which were held until December 06, 2020. 
Please check the announcement of the event winners below.


Amazon eGift Card (USD 50.00)

*This prize will be sent by email.

F***d Rami  /  f****
M***Chowdhury  /  m****
T***Shu Chee  /  s****
J***aty Rachmat  /  b****
T***im Tabassum  /  t****
A***ah Karimah  /  A****
G***am Kumar  /  m****
H***ma Bhaimia  /  h****
A***A YAMAZAKI   /  a****
V***n Dhara  /  v****
M***u Kumar  /  m****
A***sh Sharna  /  a****
S***lfa Nirma   /  s****
H***g Yuli  /  H****
B***a Ait-Ahmed  /  K****
D***ak Acharya  /  d****
I***Qurota Aina  /  i****
N***muddin  /  n****
M***sah Ahmad  /  m****
E*** Min  /  e****
M***mmad Amir  /  m****
S***ami Meriem  /  M****
S***h Abigail  /  a****
D***han  /  q****
K*** Zada  /  k****
M***iroz  /  j****
J***ine Nicole  /  j****
Q***r Sumro  /  x****
T***Yok Kui  /  t****
S***Kim Chuan  /  s****
N***shaz Grangerz  /  n****
D***y Devi  /  v****
S***hah Pratiwi  /  s****
T***in Ansari  /  r****
S***Martin  /  s****
H***an Nisar  /  l****
S***uktha kamsu  /  S****
N***m  /  n****
S***iah salam  /  N****
A*** Ali  /  d***
A***enisensi Damarasih  /  h****
S***kat Maheedean  /  I****
V***da  /  v****
A*** Hussain   /  f****
K***an Hussain  /  h****
R***id Latif  /  k****
M***ina Lee  /  i****
N***hein Binti Azhar  /  n****
H***ie Bradley   /  H****
M***enzie Lee  /  l****
K***an  /  K****
D***ya Fatima  /  l****
A***lle Pukanecz   /  a****
A***dano Sarti Maria Guadalupe  /  m****
C***stopher L. Boyd Tressler  /  c****
J***ne Kozak  /  J****
A*** Wee Sin Hui  /  v****
T***in  /  t****
J***d Sandler  /  b****
S***e Kim  /  s****
T***muratova Adiya  /  a****
U***ul Sagena  /  u****
S*** Saeed  /  s****
M***dov Myrat  /  m****
S***nto Tan Irma  /  i****

※ The announcement will be sent to the winner through the email address that was provided when he or she participated in the event.
Please check your email and reply to confirm your right to the prize by December 15, 2020 (Tuesday).
Failure to reply may forfeit you from getting your prize without further notice.
* For more information, contact us at