Project Overview

Background and Objectives

A growing number of Muslims have been visiting enrea as the Muslim travel market continues to develop.
Following the Chinese market, the Muslim market has the second-biggest potential for growth because Muslims make up 20% (about 1.8 billion) of the world’s population.
Number of Muslim Tourists
Despite the increasing number of Muslim tourists visiting Korea, Muslims still experience a great inconvenience: food. Such an inconvenience exists because they find it difficult to find halal restaurants.
Based on the teachings of the Quran, Muslims can only eat halal meat.
12 Halal-Certified Restaurants in Korea Examples of Halal and Haram Foods
We select and introduce Muslim-friendly restaurants. A restaurant that is considered Muslim-friendly provides the following benefits:
Promoting restaurants to Muslim tourists
  • Creating promotional materials

  • Bearing a symbol

  • Hosting promotional events

  • Making the most out of our international network

Providing financial support to cover the costs of halal certification

Providing financial support to halal-certified restaurants that are accredited by an agency recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (if it is officially confirmed as halal-certified) ※ For more details, please refer to the website(

Muslim-Friendly Restaurant BI