Project Overview


1. Assistance for carrying out major promotional campaigns

Creating promotional

Offering a
certification label

Hosting promotional

Using our international
network for the

If your restaurant is considered Muslim-friendly, we will widely promote it by posting your establishment on the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) official website, introducing it through online/off-line promotional materials, publishing a Muslim-friendly Restaurant Guide and distributing it abroad, providing you with opportunities to participate in promo events hosted by KTO, as well as including your establishment in the website for Muslim-friendly restaurants and in any collaborations with overseas KTO branches.

We hope to provide you with meaningful opportunities for your restaurant to find a new revenue stream by securing Muslim clients. At the same time, we also aim to give Muslim tourists a hassle-free tourist experience as they travel across our country by providing them with the necessary information on the list of restaurants they can visit.
2. Providing financial support for halal certification
We will cover the costs of halal certification as follows if your restaurant acquires a halal certification from an agency recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and if you hire at least one Muslim operator or cook
(for more details, please refer to the announcement)
Step 1

Application for a Certificate

Step 2

Document Review

Step 3

On-Site Inspection

Step 4

Halal Certificate

Step 5

Document Submission / Submit supporting documents such as the application form, halal certificate, and payment receipts /Apply for financial aid

Step 6

Financial Aid Maximum of KRW 600,000 (excluding VAT) per restaurant The limit on the total amount of financial support is KRW 12 million.

※ You can apply for financial aid after receiving the final confirmation on your halal certification (for more details, please refer to the announcement)