Project Overview


Step 1

Application for a Certificate

Submit your application after identifying the type of your restaurant through a checklist. Agree to the privacy policy, enter the information of your restaurant, and confirm whether an administrative penalty order is imposed.

Step 2

Document Review

This step involves reviewing the Business Report Certificate and the Hygiene Training Certificate. The establishment will also be checked to determine whether an administrative penalty order, such as a business suspension or a higher mandate, has been imposed over the past two years.

Step 3

On-Site Inspection

An on-site inspection will be carried out at your restaurant to assess if the establishment can pass the document review process.

Step 4

Final Evaluation and Result Announcement

We will decide on the type of restaurant and inform the applicant of the final decision. The applicant must then sign an agreement and submit a contract.

Step 5

Media Coverage and Promotional Materials

A professional photographer will document your restaurant and help create promotional materials.

Step 6

Restaurant Promotion

We shall carry out promotional campaigns online, off-line, and via our overseas branches.